Malcolm Butler picks up Tom Brady's Chevy truck

Malcolm Butler has a truck.

The reserve cornerback went from relative anonymity to New England folk hero when he stole a Super Bowl XLIX win for the Patriots with a last-minute goal line interception. Tom Brady was named MVP of the game, but opted to gift the new truck that comes with that honor to Butler, an undrafted rookie making the league minimum.

Butler came into official possession of the truck Tuesday during a visit to a Chevrolet dealership near Gillette Stadium. The pick-up came two days after Butler, along with Patriots teammate Julian Edelman, handed out an award at the Grammys in Los Angeles.

Yes, Malcolm Butler's life has changed. Quickly.

"Tom's a great guy for doing that," Butler said, per ESPN. "We had a meeting, and he was just like 'Congratulations on the big play. You can get the keys to that truck.' ... I couldn't have done all that without my teammates, so I'm just thankful to have the truck."

The truck won't be exactly free for Butler. If he makes the Pats next year -- and c'mon Belichick, don't be a jerk -- Butler will be in the top tax bracket and will pay more than $15,000 in federal and state income tax on the vehicle. The truck is valued at $35,000.

Yep, we all have to answer to The Man. Even Super Bowl heroes.

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