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'Madden NFL 15' DE ratings: No stopping J.J. Watt

I'll be honest, I don't typically enjoy playing defense in Madden, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. (And it's a big reason why I loved the college football game because you could be the offensive coordinator and not care about the defense. I also would pseudo-imagine I was punching the defensive coordinator when my offense was putting up 40 points per game and we were still losing. But that's for another day.)

With all of that said, the "Madden NFL 15" creators have done a really great job of making defense pretty fun in this year's game. And when I had a chance to check it out at E3 earlier this summer, I have to be honest, the defense was pretty awesome. I mean, I might even play defense. So with that in mind, it's time to get defensive on Madden and take a look at the top defensive ends in this year's game.

Of course, the list starts with J.J. Watt, who carries a 99 OVR. Here's what ratings czar Donny Moore had to say about it.

"I think Watt knew exactly what he was doing when he chose #99, as it was a prediction of his own Madden rating. (He has) 99 Power Moves, 99 overall, 98 Block Shedding, 97 Tackle. If we didn't have a cap on it, Watt might be rated somewhere north of 105 OVR."

That's pretty remarkable and hard to argue. Watt is one of the most dominating players in the game, so it figures he would be rated that high. And if you're wondering about Jadeveon Clowney, we talked about this previously when the rookie ratings were released, but the first-round pick is listed as an outside linebacker, and his rating is an 82. But if you switch him to defensive end, his rating would be a 92. And that would put him among the game's best at the position.

Now, let's round out that list, too. Robert Quinn is second in game with a 97 OVR, followed by Cameron Wake (96 OVR), Calais Campbell (96 OVR), Cameron Jordan (93 OVR) and Muhammad Wilkerson (93 OVR).

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