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'Madden NFL 15' CB ratings: Sherman vs. Peterson

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not only a Super Bowl champion, he's the Madden ratings champion as we learned recently. But the big question is who is No. 2?

And no, it's not Patrick Peterson, who might feel like he's trapped inside the sample Iron Maiden uses for "The Prisoner" which came from the show, "The Prisoner."

"Who are you?"

"The new No. 2."

"Who is No. 1?"

"You are No. 6!"

What, no metalheads play Madden all of a sudden? Whatevs.

But on to more pressing business, let's cut to the chase; Patrick Peterson is not No. 2 at cornerback. Although the drop wasn't as prodigious as going down to No. 6, as Peterson is the fourth-rated cornerback in the league.

Oh noes, I guess he'll just have to console himself by being the highest-paid cornerback in the game. Maybe he'll use some of that money he's earned to purchase a bunch of copies of Madden and line his driveway with them. That would be kind of sweet.

The ratings for the rest of the cornerbacks are as follows, Darrelle Revis (97 OVR), Joe Haden (95 OVR), Peterson (93 OVR) and Vontae Davis (92 OVR).

Revis had previously been the highest-rated cornerback in the game for years before being pushed aside by Sherman this season. Revis, Sherman and Haden are all tied for first with a 98 Man Coverage. Something that should absolutely steam Peterson because the biggest beef he's had with Sherman is that he's a product of the system and not really that great in man coverage. Peterson has to cover the best player on the opposing team, while Sherman plays one side of the field and has a couple of great safeties helping him out.

Again, this is something Peterson can console himself with by looking at his incredible bank account.

Peterson does take top honors in SPD (98), AGI (97) and ACC (97). I would imagine if he switched Peterson over to wide receiver (like Roy Green did way back in the day), his wide receiver rating would be off-the-charts, too. I used to do that (expletive) with Deion Sanders back in the day. Put him at wide receiver and watch him fly down the field.

Probably the most surprising player on this list is Davis who took in high ratings in Man Coverage (95), SPD (93), AGI (95) and Jumping (94). Out of curiosity, I looked up the NFL Network "Top 100 Players of 2014" to see where he was ranked by his peers.

He wasn't.

Davis did not crack the Top 100 Players list, as he fell behind Tim Jennings, Aqib Talib and Brent Grimes. The Top 100 list had Sherman as the seventh-best player in the league. Peterson was No. 22. Again, stacks of money for both of those guys should make them feel pretty good about themselves.

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