'Madden NFL 15' ratings: Richard Sherman is No. 1


This has been a pretty good year for Richard Sherman. Super Bowl. Huge contract. And he seems to be winning the Twitter war with Patrick Peterson, too. Even though Peterson does make slightly more annually than Sherman.

One other accolade heaped on Sherman was the Madden NFL 15 cover vote. The popularity contest to end all popularity contests. Sherman outlasted Panthers QB Cam Newton to win the cover spot, but I'm not even sure Peterson was even in the contest. Just checked right now, Peterson was not in the contest. Not sure it would have mattered though, as this was Sherman's contest to win. Even Barry Sanders thought so. (That's right, I just did the unsightly thing of name-dropping Barry Sanders. But in my defense, if you're going to name-drop somebody, it might as well be Barry Sanders, right?)

But Sherman won more than the cover vote. Just minutes after Sherman was announced as the winner, he was whisked to a nearby portrait studio to take photos for the new cover. It was at that point that one of the EA staffers pulled me aside and said, "You know what, Sherman is also the highest-rated player in the game, too."

So while EA Sports continues to roll out the ratings by position, we already know Sherman is going to take the top spot in the category. Sherman will have a 99 OVR. The only other players who carry a 99 overall are Calvin Johnson (as you would expect) and J.J. Watt. (Before you even ask, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning both carry a 98 OVR.)

Now I'm not sure when Sherman will add a screenshot of his upcoming Madden rating to taunt Peterson with, but I can only assume that it's coming very soon.

The Madden ratings for cornerbacks should drop shortly. We will have those to you as quickly as possible. Until then, we know without a doubt who the "best cornerback in the game" is.

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