Luck to students: I'm only 25, I don't have any advice

If you're waiting around for Andrew Luck to help you solve life's mysteries, you may want to think again.

The now-beardless Colts' quarterback, who made an appearance at DePauw University this week as part of a lecture series, was asked if he had any advice for the assembled crowd.

"As far as advice? I'm only 25," he said, via the Indy Star. "I don't have any advice."

Though Luck is often compared to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, his personality sets him apart. The dry sense of humor and willingness to be so self-effacing are refreshing in a league dominated by such polished stars.

His act may change over time, but for now, we're enjoying the 25-year-old version.

Among some other topics Luck was quizzed on at DePauw:

How he got over being nervous as a rookie:

"Dwight Freeney, the most fearsome pass rusher, came up to me and said 'Look, we're all behind you. You do it your way.' It was awesome to hear on my first day in the locker room. It put all my fears and doubts aside. He squashed all those. That made it a lot easier."

Replacing Peyton Manning:

"If I woke up every morning saying I'm going to fill Peyton's shoes every day, I'd go crazy. You can't do that. I'm going to do the best I can. It was actually a lot easier than you think. Not once did I have an older player say, 'No, you've got to do it this way because Peyton did it this way.'"

Getting rid of Reggie Wayne:

"It's not fun. There are guys you love. Professional sports is a business and people come and go. That's just it. Like Reggie Wayne this year, it stinks. It's the truth, but it happens. It's a business. Someday somebody is going to replace me."

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