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Lowe stunned by reaction to his Manning retirement tweet

Never thought I'd use these words when reporting on a story, but ...

I just hung up the phone with actor Rob Lowe, who, it should be mentioned, is a big-time Indianapolis Colts fan because he and his sons became huge fans of Peyton Manning years ago. Lowe has appeared twice on my podcasts to talk about his love of the Colts and how he hoped the team would keep Manning (he also thought vice chairman Bill Polian and coach Jim Caldwell should be fired, which they were.)

At any rate, I asked him if his source on Wednesday's tweet about Manning's retirement from the NFL was Jim Irsay (the Twitter-happy Colts owner whose first follow was Lowe) and he said: "Absolutely not. It wasn't Jim or anyone close to Jim." Lowe did say he heard Manning would retire imminently from "a pretty-darn good source."

Lowe said he's shocked by the attention and wasn't searching for any. He's just a fan who, as he always has, tweeted about his Colts and figured he'd "let the professionals see what's true or not."

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