Lions' Johnson planning special TD celebration this season

NFL officials and Detroit Lions coaches might not be pleased to hear this, but Nate Burleson says fellow receiver Calvin Johnson is working on a spectacular celebration for a touchdown this season.

"Certain things have to happen in the course of the play that will make this the best celebration you've ever seen," Burleson told ** on Tuesday. "I guarantee it."

Johnson confirmed there's something in the works, but he wouldn't offer a hint.

"You'll just have to wait and see," he said. "If the stars align, it'll happen. But I'm not going to tell what it is right now."

Though it might seem out of character for the normally soft-spoken Johnson, Burleson said the budding superstar isn't all that reserved.

"He came up with it on his own," Burleson said. "Calvin's a lot more creative than you guys think. He has some stuff up his sleeve. You'll see this year.

"You guys have to understand, Calvin, last year, stepped out of his box," Burleson explained. "A lot of people don't realize in the Dallas game, he ran and jumped on the star. That was a stomp; it wasn't like he was running and putting his arms up. He jumped on the star and put his hands up, and got booed.

"That was his idea."

Detroit fans shouldn't have long to wait: Johnson, nicknamed "Megatron," caught 12 touchdown passes last season.

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