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Lions' Jim Caldwell: Stop asking about my job status

Jim Caldwell would like you to stop asking about his job status, if that's OK.

"You must be fixated on that or something, aren't you?" Caldwell said Monday, via the Detroit Free Press. "That must be of high importance to you. I don't think about it as much as you do. Seriously. Why even talk about it? What sense does it make? You write what you want to write in that regard."

In fairness to the reporter, Caldwell was asked about his status in a positive way. He has won two games in a row over two good football teams, effectively dampening the dumpster fire for a few weeks while the Lions get their general manager search rolling.

Also in fairness to all reporters who cover Caldwell, the coach does not always understand the primary functions and motives of the press.

That being said, Caldwell has been a trooper through all of this, even if some of his current situation was his own fault. As former Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said on NFL Network this past weekend during an extensive pregame guest spot, firings in the NFL are by far the worst part of the job. There is a human element to job transactions that are rarely understood by fans who just want their team to play better. Families are uprooted, kids change schools at pivotal times in their lives.

Imagine walking into work every day and having a co-worker ask: You think you'll be canned this week?

It adds an element of stress and aggravation to the job that contributes to moments like these. Even if Caldwell can't salvage this season, the fact that Detroit beat Oakland and Green Bay in consecutive weeks says a lot about the preparation he's still willing to put in.

Some coaches may have been at Kinko's all week sending out resumes. When a person starts getting asked about their job security, it's one of the two choices they have.

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