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Lewis, McNabb, and Taylor need to find new homes

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There is truth to the old saying change is good. It took Terrell Owens a little while, but he is happy in Dallas. Randy Moss finally is in a place where he can call home. There are several other NFL veterans that I feel are in need of a change for a variety of reasons.

Let's start with Ray Lewis. Ray is at the twilight of his career, although I think he might have three or four quality seasons left in him. The Ravens, though, are heading in the wrong direction. Time is catching up with their secondary, and the offense has never held up its end. Where do you think the best fit is for Ray?

Donovan McNabb is another guy who is in need of a change. I would like to think Eagles fans -- irrespective of their poor bedside manner -- are informed fans. They wouldn't have had four NFC Championship Game appearances and a Super Bowl appearance without McNabb. As much as I love coach Andy Reid, he has failed his team. You must have a front-line receiver even to get to the dance, never mind winning it. Do you think the Eagles will be fool enough to trade McNabb this offseason?

Jason Taylor also could use a change of scenery. Jason hates to lose and has become increasingly short-tempered, and I can't blame him. The Dolphins turned a veteran team over to college coach Nick Saban. In less than two years, he had run the franchise into the ground and then headed back to college to hide. If I was Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, I would have made Saban sign the same clause the Orlando Magic reportedly made little Billy Donovan sign when he backed out of his contract so he could remain at Florida -- a clause that supposedly prevents Donovan from ever returning to coach in the NBA. Sorry for the digression, I just had to get that off my chest. Bottom line, Taylor needs a change of scenery.

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