LeSean McCoy on Chip: I have nothing to say about that

Bills running back LeSean McCoy doesn't regret anything he's said about his former coach, Chip Kelly. He doesn't regret the comments about him getting rid of "the good black players."

But he might regret having to answer questions about it for the rest of the season, as evidenced by his comments following Wednesday's OTAs.

"I have nothing to say about that," he told reporters. "I'm in Buffalo. ... I have nothing more to say really about it. It is what it is. ... I'm done talking about it."

In response to a follow up, he had this to say: "Did you just hear what I just said? So why did you ... I told, I'm not talking no more about Chip Kelly or the Eagles. I'm done with that. You can ask me about the Bills, we look good, a lot of players stepping up, the quarterbacks look wonderful. Myself, I'm playing well, along with the guys in the backfield. Just trying to get this team going. I have nothing else to say about Chip or the Eagles."

After another follow up, there was this: "For what? I don't got to explain myself to nobody. I said what I said, how I felt, at the time, and I'm done with that."

McCoy later threatened to end the interview if there were no Bills-related questions, a move by a man clearly hoping to get past a talking point he's grown tired of.

Of course, he might not get his wish. Accusing someone of racism is a serious charge. Perhaps he's lightened his stance, but the association to Kelly might never go away.

Regardless, it seems like this will be something to watch in the future. McCoy has never been shy about expressing his opinions before. Will that change now?

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