LeSean McCoy hasn't picked up Chip Kelly's phone calls

Chip Kelly is hoping to use Sunday's game against the Bills as a chance to clear up any misunderstandings that might still exist between the coach and LeSean McCoy.

"I'd love to shake LeSean's hand," Kelly said Wednesday, via The Buffalo News. "I tried to call him after. And I talked to his agent after we traded him. I always wanted to talk to LeSean. Again, I have no issues with LeSean at all. He has a great personality, an infectious personality. I have tremendous respect for LeSean."

He added that McCoy did not return his phone calls.

McCoy, for his part, has already eluded to how excited he is to play the Eagles.

"I tried to call him a couple times after the trade and he didn't take my phone call and I understand that."

A few years ago, there was a great scene in the Miami Dolphins' Hard Knocks that captured just how jarring a trade could be. Vontae Davis was crushed when he found out the Dolphins dealt him and wanted to break from the meeting to call his grandmother. There's a chance that maybe McCoy didn't have the luxury of a comforting face-to-face conversation on the way out, or maybe he didn't want one, but it's understandable that he still harbors some resentment toward Kelly.

It could make for one of the most interesting pre-games of the season. Rex Ryan already holds the title after refusing to come onto the field at MetLife Stadium until game time but there will almost certainly be a moment where Kelly and McCoy cross paths.

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