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Legends of Beckham: Rookie hits trick-shot field goal

There was a running bit from the underappreciated (and now ancient) The Ben Stiller Show called "Legends Of Springsteen," in which the New Jersey rocker -- played by Stiller -- would appear out of nowhere to commit absurd acts of nobility and/or heroism.

In one episode, Springsteen delivered a baby in a bar (they named her Springsteena). In another, he played for 15 hours at a local tavern, then mopped the floor and refilled the ketchup bottles when he was done. And who could forget (well, other than everyone but me and maybe Ben Stiller) when The Boss traveled back in time to help Abe Lincoln overcome writer's block while penning The Gettysburg Address.

Strangely, it was "Legends of Springsteen" that immediately came to mind as I watched the below video of Odell Beckham doing something crazy in the Giants' practice bubble.

Beckham has a chance to reach a level of hero worship in New York we haven't seen since Derek Jeter. After making the "greatest catch ever" against the Cowboys, there's a sense of wonder around the rookie, a "Legends of Beckham" vibe that makes it seem like anything is possible.

Gven the building tidal wave of awe in and around the Meadowlands, serving as your own holder on a 31-yard field goal conversion is practically a modest achievement.

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