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League owners vote to eliminate blindside blocks

The rule changes for the 2019 NFL season are starting to come out from the Annual League Meetings in Phoenix, and safety is in mind.

NFL owners voted to eliminate blindside blocks, which the league defines as a foul "if a player initiates a block when he is moving toward or parallel to his own end line and makes contact to his opponent with his helmet, forearm or shoulder."

The league points out that one-third of all concussions suffered by players on punts were caused by blindside blocks.

Here's a run down of other rule-change news we're monitoring today:

  1. The Broncos' proposal to provide teams with an alternative to the onside kick was shot down.
  1. The Chiefs' proposal for changes to overtime rules was tabled until the Spring League Meeting in May.
  1. The NFL voted to make permanent the kickoff rule changes that were implemented during the 2018 season.
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