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Laser flashes in Brock Osweiler's face during game

The Raiders27-20 win over the Texans in Mexico City on Monday night came with its fair share of oddities and controversy. And it doesn't get much odder than a laser pointer controversy.

ESPN cameras showed a strong, green laser or light repeatedly being directed on the field of play. The cameras also showed the laser being pointed at the helmet and face of Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler.

"There was a couple times it definitely hit me in the eye and it was very noticeable," Osweiler said when asked about the laser after the game, describing the incident as "disappointing" but not why the Texans lost the game.

"It was just one small factor, but it certainly affected how I was playing and able to see downfield and whatnot."

Coach Bill O'Brien didn't have any comments on the laser, saying it was a question for NFL's security and not for him.

"Stadium security is aware of the issue," an NFL spokesman told during the game.

The laser was seen on the field again during the second half.

ESPN's Sean McDonough said security at the stadium was trying to find the culprit and remove him or her from the stadium.

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