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Lane Johnson fires back at McNabb's comments

Lane Johnson will block for his quarterback on any platform.

The Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle took offense to Donovan McNabb's comments regarding Carson Wentz that made the rounds over the weekend suggesting Philly should look at adding a different QB if Wentz can't get them out of the second round of the playoffs in the next two years.

In response, Johnson tweeted at McNabb saying: "(six snake emojis)...and you wonder why nobody respects you when you come back !!!!"

"I think, personally, if he can't get out of the second round in the next two, maybe three, years, but really two years, to be honest with you," McNabb told CBS Radio on Saturday. "If he can't get out of the second round, they should look to possibly draft another quarterback because you just don't know about his durability.

"Staying healthy is very key in this league. The team only goes as far as their quarterback takes them. And they put so many eggs in the basket with Carson Wentz and he has to prove that in the next two years."

The general response to McNabb's comments aren't necessarily that he's wrong -- much of Philly would question Wentz if the QB can't find success the next two years -- but rather the man making the comments. McNabb has always been a lightning rod of controversy in Philadelphia dating back to the moment he put on an Eagles hat.

Regardless of the voracity of McNabb's opinion, Johnson showed he's always going to protect his QB.

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