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La'el Collins, police to schedule interview after draft

LSU offensive lineman La'el Collins and Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Police have resolved to schedule an interview after the NFL draft, Cpl. Don Coppola told NFL Media's Albert Breer on Thursday. No date or time has been set. 

Collins left Chicago and the NFL draft on Wednesday, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported, according to a source. Collins was at an NFL event Wednesday morning, but declined to answer questions from reporters.

Police initially reached out to Collins on Saturday, a day after the shooting. According to Coppola, the Baton Rouge PD has not spoken with Collins directly, but has made contact with a family member, as well as Collins' agent and attorney. Coppola said that, per Collins' request, the police and Collins agreed to set a time to meet after the draft.

Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Police told NFL Media on Tuesday that they have been in contact with Collins' agent to schedule a meeting concerning what he might know to help them concerning the death of Brittany Mills. Collins is not considered a suspect in Mills' shooting death, which occurred on Friday.

"He's not a suspect, but we are seeking to question him," Coppola told Breer Tuesday. "He knew the victim. We're not sure of the exact nature of the relationship. But for the investigation and through the investigation, we're exhausting all avenues to locate this young lady's killer."

Collins is not the only person they have reached out to regarding this ongoing investigation, Coppola told NFL Media. Coppola emphasized that Collins is not being singled out and that this is standard procedure regarding an investigation of this nature.

On Tuesday, NFL general managers were informed about the situation according to Rapoport. Included in the note to GMs was information that a woman Collins knew, Mills, was murdered. Mills was pregnant and the baby survived. Collins is not a suspect, and the police were trying to determine parental responsibility. The note said that Collins had not contacted Mills since September.

Mills, 29, was eight months pregnant. The child survived and remains under medical care. Police do not know the identity of the child's father.

The lack of closure on Collins' case prior to the draft is hurting the offensive lineman's stock. Several teams told Breer they won't touch Collins during Thursday's first round due to the uncertainty surrounding the legal issue. 

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