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Kurt Warner considered return to Cards, ruled it out

Could a 43-year-old quarterback be the secret to re-energizing Arizona's dream season?

On NFL Network's GameDay Morning, former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner mentioned that he allowed himself to consider playing again after seeing yet another Arizona quarterback go down with an injury.

"I tell you what. It's funny. I've actually thought about it," the Super Bowl winning passer said. "Because you guys, we talked about it at the game, is how bad I felt for the Arizona Cardinals and if they lost their quarterback again, that I actually contemplated."

"But in the green room, I kept coming back to the fact that the last time I played I was already old and slow and now I'm just older and slower and how crazy and stupid that would be to even consider that I could actually."

It must be tempting for Warner, especially when so many people have asked him about it and believe he could be a savior for a Cardinals team that clearly needs a boost at quarterback.

But earlier this week, Warner was approached by head coach Bruce Arians who got the feeling that it just wasn't going to work out. Despite the dream scenario lingering in Warner's mind, it seems like there is a healthy amount of hesitation, too.

"As fun as it sounds and as neat of a story as it could be, yeah," Warner said on KTAR FM during the week. "I have to be the one that understands really what this would entail and to be realistic that there's no way I can do it."

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