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Kirk Cousins plans to sign franchise tender soon

After weeks of rampant rumor and innuendo, Kirk Cousins appears to have accepted his fate as the Redskins' quarterback for the 2017 season.

Cousins intends to sign his $23.94 million franchise-tag tender soon, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported, via a source close to the quarterback. Cousins is a "good soldier" who understands Washington is unlikely to trade him, Rapoport added.

Because he was tagged at the exclusive level, Cousins and his representatives are precluded from negotiating with other teams. Although he has an avowed booster in Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers are reluctant to part with both a heavy draft-pick package and a lucrative new contract in a sign-and-trade scenario.

When the Niners recruited Brian Hoyer to San Francisco, they reportedly assured the veteran quarterback that Cousins is no longer a 2017 trade target.

Contrary to widespread speculation, Cousins has no plans to hold out for the entire offseason in a bid to pressure the Redskins into sending him to San Francisco or elsewhere.

Where do the Redskins and their franchise quarterback go from here?

Cousins reportedly appealed to owner Dan Snyder for a trade if the organization has no plans to meet his asking price on a long-term contract. Although Snyder shot the request down, Cousin's willingness to remain in Washington at the right price can actually be viewed as a sign of progress.

If the Redskins accept the $23.94 million franchise-tag figure -- imposed by the team -- as the starting point for negotiations, perhaps the strained relationship can be repaired enough for Cousins to commit over the long haul.

If the Redskins continue to undercut Cousins' value in an exploding quarterback market, on the other hand, he will be happy to collect $43.89 million in guaranteed money for two seasons and then rejoin Shanahan in San Francisco next year.

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