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Kirk Cousins explains why he picked Vikings over Jets

After spending two years playing under the franchise tag in Washington, Kirk Cousins discovered just four hours into free agency how much more he was capable of making on the open market.

"It just goes to show that free agency is a different game, it's a different deal when you're actually up for grabs," Cousins told his wife, Julie, while at home on March 14.

Cousins was the biggest prize of free agency this past offseason -- a bonanza that ultimately was won by the Minnesota Vikings when they signed him to a three-year deal that included an $84 million fully guaranteed payout. The deal made him the highest paid player in NFL history and the first quarterback to sign a multi-year, fully guaranteed deal.

In "Kirk Cousins: Why I picked the Vikings in free agency," go behind the scenes from the start of free agency as Cousins makes his decision to play for the Vikings.

The nearly 14-minute video gives a good look at what Cousins valued more than money in his decision to play for Minnesota and why he turned down a very rich offer to play for the New York Jets.

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