Kickers, coaches react to PAT rule change

Amid an offseason of sweeping change, the NFL has now added the extra point to its list of alterations.

For the full rundown, check out colleague Kevin Patra's piece here. Basically, the extra point try will be moved back to the 15-yard line and two-point conversions will remain at the 2-yard line. Defenses can now score on returns.

Not surprisingly, the change elicited a wide range of opinions around the league. Kickers are mostly against it while some coaches are intrigued.

Here's a quick morning-after run down of the first reactions:

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker: "I think the idea is to add excitement to every single play, but really what it does is make every kicker's job a little bit harder," he said, per the Ravens' team site. "The guys that do well with it, it increases their value."

Former Cardinals kicker Jay Feely: "Don't like it," Feely told The Arizona Republic. "Sixty or so more plays that offensive linemen can be injured because they are in a precarious position and defenses will undoubtedly rush harder from the 15 with the ability to score."

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett: "Well obviously it makes the extra point that much more challenging," Garrett said, via "I think the percentage to make a PAT the way it is is north of 98 percent, and I think it's about 93 percent to kick a field goal that's 33 yards. So there's a little bit of a difference there obviously. I'm glad they did the thing where the defense can return it and get two points. I think that's a good rule, and I'm glad they kept it at the 2-yard line."

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak: "It'll be interesting, because I don't really think things are going to change, except the fact that percentage goes down from 32 or 33 yards," Kubiak said via the team's official web site. "So the minute you miss an extra point, the two-point play comes into effect."

Broncos kicker Connor Barth: "Narrowing the uprights would make it a lot more challenging than moving the extra point," Barth said via The Denver Post. "Most guys can hit 33-yarders in their sleep."

He added: "It'll probably change the percentages a little bit, but we're all pretty good kickers, and I still think we'll be in the high 90 percent range on extra points from the 15," he said. "I think they're just trying to find something to change."

Personally, I agree with Barth. Having seen the Pro Bowl in person this year, I can attest for how frustrated the kickers were with the skinny goal posts and increased distance put together. That would truly force offensive coordinators to re-think the traditional three-down offense.

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