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Ken Whisenhunt: Hit on Marcus Mariota 'B.S. football'

Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt knows one thing for sure: Marcus Mariota will be sore on Monday morning and it's Olivier Vernon's fault.

Early in the second quarter of the Titans' 38-10 loss to the Dolphins, Vernon crept up behind Mariota after a pass and went in quite low on the Titans' franchise quarterback, knocking Mariota to the ground and forcing him out for a play. Mariota said after the game that Vernon apologized to him for the hit. Vernon told reporters after the game that his low hit on Mariota wasn't intentional and that he isn't a dirty player.

Mariota will undergo X-rays on his knee after hobbling around for more than a half. He was quickly re-inserted into the lineup after his one-play break and came out for the second half wearing a brace.

Mariota was subject to a fantastic performance by Miami's defensive line which included six sacks and double-digit hurries. In a confusing twist, the Tennessee coaching staff opted to let Mariota gut it out until the two-minute mark of the fourth quarter when the game was completely out of hand.

Only then did Zach Mettenberger take snaps.

Needless to say, Whisenhunt will be waiting for fine news this week.

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