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Keenum: Facing Vikings 'just a normal game for me'

Case Keenum's last pass at U.S. Bank Stadium sailed into the arms of a leaping Stefon Diggs, who remained upright and scampered for a touchdown to complete the "Minneapolis Miracle" on Jan. 14, 2018.

Thursday night, Keenum returns to the sight of that heroic play with another new team, the Washington Redskins, to face the Vikings.

Keenum, still the starter in D.C. for at least this week, dismissed that returning to Minnesota, where he enjoyed the best season of his meandering NFL career, will conjure any sappy memories. The "Minneapolis Miracle" will be far from his mind, Keenum insists.

"On short weeks when we're playing Thursday night, there's not enough time to reminisce," Keenum said, via the team's official website. "It's a special time, it's a special play, special group of guys, something I'll remember forever, but not necessarily this week."

After his memorable 2017 with Minnesota, Keenum spent 2018 getting blasted in Denver, and is now piloting a sinking ship in Washington. The 31-year-old who has also played games for the Texans and Rams, noted that his brief time with the Vikings didn't leave a lot of time for nostalgia.

"A lot of places mean a lot to me," Keenum said. "I've been to a lot of places. Minnesota was another stop, I enjoyed my time there, it was short. I'm enjoying my time here. This is where we are and I'm excited to be a Redskin and I'm excited to go in there and win a football game."

Keenum clearly doesn't subscribe to the #RevengeGame theory.

"There's really no need to get more amped for any game in this league, especially when you're playing a team like this with a great defense," Keenum said. "We've got to give it everything we've got no matter what. I've played long enough to where I feel like if I keep going, I might play against my old team every week. It's just a normal game for me."

Diggs put it nicely when asked if he'd have a moment with Keenum in his first trip to Minnesota since the "Minneapolis Miracle" play:

"Nah. It's not like my girlfriend or nothing," he said, via Ben Goessling of the Star-Tribune.

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