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Keenan Lewis honors alma mater with Golden Football

When schools unite into one, their history becomes bigger.

When it comes to Landry-Walker College and Career Prep in New Orleans, its Super Bowl legacy became even bigger when O'Perry Walker High School and L.B. Landry High School merged in 2013.

Cornerback Keenan Lewis went to O'Perry Walker, but he was happy to show up at Landry-Walker when it came time to honor his alma mater with a Golden Football as part of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program.

Lewis and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and Super Bowl XLV participant Mike Wallace were graduates of O. Perry Walker High School. Former Washington Redskins defensive back and Super Bowl VII participant Alvin Haymond was a graduate of L.B. Landry High School. In total, Landry-Walker will receive three Wilson Golden Footballs representing two Super Bowls.

Lewis visited the Landry-Walker football team and addressed players on what high school football meant to him, the life lessons he learned and what it meant to play in a Super Bowl. To cap off the visit, Lewis presented a Wilson Golden Football to Landry-Walker head football coach, Emmanuel Powell.

"Coach Powell stepped in and played that father figure role and that was tremendously important," said Lewis. "Fortunately, I was one of those guys that had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl, so it's an honor to give back."

Lewis' visit was exciting for many student-athletes at Landry-Walker, who reflected on the inspirational role Lewis serves in their community."I want to be like him one day," Landry-Walker quarterback Keytaon Thompson said. "One day I want to play in the NFL and be successful and come back and give back."

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