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Justin Tuck saves Raiders from embarrassing penalty

The Oakland Raiders ended their year long quest for a win with a stirring 24-20 victory Thursday night against Kansas City. But the most memorable moment of the night came from a penalty that was never called.

After Raiders linebacker Sio Moore sacked Alex Smith on third down with over 40 seconds remaining, Moore sprinted 20 yards down the field and celebrated like he just won the Super Bowl. Perhaps Moore thought it was fourth down or perhaps he wasn't thinking at all. We just know that when Smith was ready to snap the ball again, Moore and teammate Khalil Mack were still doing a choreographed handshake celebration. It was glorious:

"You know how they say act like you've been there before -- I haven't," Moore cracked after the game to laughter in the locker room via the San Francisco Chronicle. 

In what was clearly his most valuable moment as an Oakland Raider, Justin Tuck wisely called a timeout just before Smith snapped the ball, saving the Raiders an embarrassing and costly penalty. Tuck proceeded to chew out Moore and Mack on the field. That's veteran leadership if we've ever seen it. 

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