Julian Edelman to Patriots doubters: 'Bet against us'

If you've paid any attention to the NFL this century, the presence of the Patriots in an AFC Championship Game or Super Bowl should come as no surprise.

Sunday will mark the 13th time since 2001 that Tom Brady and Co. have reached the conference title game, and a win over the Chiefs would send them to their ninth Super Bowl. A win over Kansas City -- a team the Pats beat earlier this season -- shouldn't shock as no one views New England as a plucky underdog ready to crash the postseason party.

Don't tell that to anyone in Foxborough, though.

Days after Tom Brady proclaimed to CBS Sports' Tracy Wolfson that "everyone thinks we suck and you know, can't win any games," wideout Julian Edeleman double-downed on his teammate's laughable assertion on Twitter.

The video -- similar in concept to Edelman's Beat LA post last week -- is chock-full of Chiefs highlights and culminates with Brady's soundbite and ends with the message "Bet against us."

It isn't shocking to see a team rally around the concept of "nobody believes in us," teams look for motivation from any source in their quest for a Super Bowl. But the notion that the Patriots are a massive underdog Sunday in Kansas City seems to be falling on deaf ears outside of One Patriot Way.

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