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Julian Edelman plans 'full throttle' return from injury

Julian Edelmanis expected to make his return after missing the past seven games with a broken foot -- the Patriots lost four of those seven contests.

The receiver said Monday that there is "no dipping the toe in" the waters and easing back into the rotation during the playoffs.

"I'm going to go full throttle regardless. If it goes, it goes," Edelman said of his broken foot, via

Apparently, "if it goes, it goes" is Edelman's version of Ivan Drago.

Getting Edelman back is a huge boon for Tom Brady, as New England's quick pass attack scuttled down the stretch with Danny Amendola and Edelman dealing with injuries. Both are expected to be on the field Saturday. Along with Rob Gronkowski, the Pats passing corps will finally once again have three players who can win at the line of scrimmage.

Edelman declined to put a percentage on his health, but noted that he was often told during his rehab not to push too hard.

"I'm kind of my worst enemy when it comes to that, trying to over-push things," he acknowledged. "We've had our staff work with me to keep me from hurting myself. So I think we've handled it pretty decent."

Now it's time to take that injured foot and open it up versus the Kansas City Chiefs. If it goes, it goes.

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