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Giants HC Joe Judge: Let's forget about Christmas and focus on Ravens

Joe Judge's New York Giants slapped together a four-game win streak that had them looking like they might be turning an early corner heading into the winter.

Then the Giants (5-9) lost two straight. Now, they're suddenly in need of a strong finish and some gifts from generous counterparts if they want to complete an unlikely run to the playoffs.

It's a good thing Christmas is just days away -- or maybe it isn't?

"We have the Ravens this weekend," Judge said Wednesday during an appearance on Good Morning Football. "It's going to take everything we have to beat them and they're the only thing that matters to us right now. Look, with all due respect to Christmas, let's forget about Christmas for a little while and focus on the Ravens."

New York will need full focus on Sunday to stop the Ravens (9-5), who have brushed the topsoil off their chests and leapt from the grave in the last two weeks with a thrilling, high-scoring win over the Browns in Week 14 and obliteration of the Jaguars in Week 15. There seems to be no stopping Baltimore, which is in the midst of a frantic playoff push and has New York in its crosshairs this weekend.

"The Giants are fighting for a division championship," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said when asked if his team might overlook the Giants. "I don't understand why it would even be a conversation."

Judge's team isn't about to lay down, either, not even after it didn't muster much of anything in a Sunday night loss to Cleveland. There's no time for holiday spirit for the Giants -- or the Ravens. Leave the tasty pheasants and Christmas presents at home for this one, while fans can catch a special Xmas Vikings-Saints showdown at 4:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network, FOX and Amazon Prime Video while sipping eggnog.

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