Josh Norman criticizes Eric Reid for Jenkins remarks

Josh Norman criticized Eric Reid for accusingMalcolm Jenkins and the Players Coalition of stealing the social inequality protest movement among NFL players first started by Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Norman described Reid's comments like a "slap in the face" and said that by attacking Jenkins, he was attacking the entire Players Coalition.

"(Reid) was part of (The Players Coalition) at one point in time," Norman said, per The Associated Press. "He went to the direction, of, 'OK, if Kaepernick is not the leader, then this is all for none.' Our take was, 'I'm sorry, but if guys voted for (Kaepernick) to be that, then OK, so be it.' But it wasn't that."

"(Kaepernick) started something at that time which everybody saw, but what did he do with that? Where was the ball carried from that? What is it doing now? I've got facts to where guys are doing things in the Players Coalition that is making changes, making true changes in what is going on right now."

Reid called Jenkins a "sellout" to the movement while speaking to reporters after the Carolina Panthers' victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Reid, who signed with the Panthers last month, got into a verbal altercation with the Eagles safety before the pregame coin toss at Lincoln Financial Field.

"He's not only coming at (Malcolm), he's coming at our whole entire group, The Players Coalition," Norman said. "My thing is if guys were going to follow (Kaepernick), they would have done it. That's my whole thing. But if you don't have a direction of where you're going with the whole thing, how (are) we going to follow you? I can't follow you to the abyss. You've got to have a plan."

Reid left the Players Coalition shortly before it entered into a partnership with the NFL that has dedicated close to $90 million for efforts and programs combating social inequality. Earlier this week, an arbitrator dismissed the NFL Players Association's collusion grievance that was filed on Reid's behalf against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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