Josh Norman: 2016 was 'best season' of my career

Josh Norman earned All-Pro honors in 2015 after snagging four interceptions, two returned for touchdowns, 19 passes defensed and forcing three fumbles with the Carolina Panthers.

In 2016 he moved to Washington D.C. and didn't even make the Pro Bowl. Despite the dip in accolades, Norman views last year as the tops of his six-year career.

"By far for me that was the best season I had," Norman said, via

Some of the drop in statistics from Carolina to Washington can be attributed to joining an overall weaker defense. The Redskins ranked 28th in total yards allowed last season.

For Norman, however, the experience proved he could be a player for any system.

"When I came over from where I was at, they thought I was a system guy," Norman said. "Got that a lot. I used to chuckle and laugh at it like, 'Wow, you guys must really hate me for some reason but that's OK.'"

Norman began shadowing No. 1 receivers a few times last year, displaying he's more than a right cornerback buoyed by the surrounding system. Proving he can travel with No. 1 wideouts made the difference in Norman's mind.

"Last year was the year I could stand on my own and say, 'OK, I can play whatever you want me to play, coach, put me in," Norman said. "I can go in nickel. I can come off the edge. I can have a sack or a big play, smack a running back in the backfield. Whatever you need me to do. I can be the hammer. I can be the force. I did that on the outside as well."

Redskins new defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has already said Norman will shadow opposing star wideouts like Odell Beckham Jr. and Dez Bryant this season. If the talkative cornerback succeeds in shutting down the opponent's best for 16 weeks, all the accolades will return and Norman will have an even better season to boast about next June.

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