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Joique Bell says he has 2-3 offers on the table

Former Lions running back Joique Bell doesn't have a team at the moment, but he says he has the next best thing -- options.

"Last time I checked, I had three offers on the table," Bell told the Detroit Free Press. "I know two are still there. One might not be there anymore. We'll see what happens."

Bell was released by the Lions back in February after four seasons, 60 games played, 2,235 yards and 22 rushing touchdowns. A few days after his ouster, he said he turned down an offer to stay with the Lions. This week, he said both sides left the bargaining table in good spirits, but without an agreement.

"We just negotiated something, and we couldn't come to a conclusion," Bell said. "We both kind of walked away from the table, so to speak, but on good terms. We understand that it's all business. They did what they felt was best for the organization. I did what I felt was best for myself and my family."

Bell will likely enjoy the rest of his veteran's summer before popping onto a roster during training camp, however it's interesting to see a player with two active offers on the table not making a move on one of them, especially given the league's propensity to lean toward younger, cheaper talent. Is he holding out for more money? More guaranteed years? A better opportunity? Would he prefer to stay in Michigan?

Injuries during training camp will theoretically increase the size of Bell's market. Despite his age (29), Bell doesn't have an extraordinary amount of mileage, with only one 200-plus carry season on his resume. Fumbling was a concern for a portion of his career, but he only put one ball on the turf in 2015 over 90 carries in a decreased role.

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