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Johnny Manziel addresses late-night incident

Johnny Manziel addressed a late-night incident with a Browns fan last Saturday for the first time on Friday.

According to the report, Manziel and his associates were involved in an incident early Saturday morning with Ohio native Chris Gonos, who claimed a member of Manziel's crew struck him after he asked the quarterback for a hug and took a step in his direction.

Johnny Football told reporters on Friday that the man was "very intoxicated."

"This man kept attempting to come at me being extremely aggressive," Manziel said. "And as we tried to coax him into getting into his elevator and go on about the night, the guy got very aggressive. And lucky for us, obviously I don't want to go into complete detail on everything that happened because it all did happen so fast. And security was able to get things under wraps, which I am very thankful for as well.

"There is no entourage with me. I live with one other person and my mother was upstairs. About as much of an entourage as you can get, being with my mom."

Manziel added that Gonos, "came at me, put his hands on me." The Browns backup quarterback said he and his roommate tried to diffuse the situation as professionally as possible.

Manziel didn't go into detail about the incident -- whether he took or threw a punch -- but noted that he's not in any legal trouble.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot noted that Manziel's face showed no signs of an injury, as Gonos had claimed.

Browns coach Mike Pettine said earlier in the week that the incident wouldn't have any effect on Manziel's standing with the team. The backup quarterback will continue to sit behind Brian Hoyer -- barring injury -- as the Browns fight for a playoff spot.

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