John Harbaugh on postseason hopes: 'We're not dead'

The perfectly average Baltimore Ravens have -- by definition -- five wins and five losses.

That's not how coach John Harbaugh sees them, though, telling scribes and media types on Monday that removing his team from the playoff conversation is a vast mistake.

"All you guys who counted us out, we're not out. We're not dead. Sorry," Harbaugh said Monday, per Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic, one day after Baltimore knocked off the Bengals 24-21 to send both squads to .500 in the AFC North.

"I'm focused on the game, getting ready to play the game," said Harbaugh. "All the critics, I'm dead to them. ... Let's go win a football game."

Harbaugh came across Sunday as a revived, energized coach after watching run-first rookie passer Lamar Jackson lash Cincinnati with a ridiculous 27 rushes for 117 yards. The first-rounder also completed 13-of-19 passes and did enough to pull out the win for a Ravens team coming off three straight losses to the Saints, Panthers and Steelers.

Harbaugh, in essence, is correct. Baltimore is firmly in play for a wild-card entry. This time of year is a boon to all those who strive to keep all 32 teams alive for the postseason -- the Ravens check the box.

But the concept that a defense-oriented team -- light on exciting weapons and averaging 23 points a game -- is about to threaten a high-flyer like the Chiefs?


We can float for ages in these lift-up-the-league fever dreams, but the Ravens are about as far as one can travel from a realistic Super Bowl entry. This will be sorted out soon enough.

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