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John Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson will be taking snaps

As the buzz around Lamar Jackson balloons hourly, the Ravens continue to mold their plans for the rookie quarterback.

As of Tuesday, those plans include giving Jackson regular-season reps under center.

"One way or another, he's going to be out there, taking snaps," Ravens coach John Harbaugh told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun. "Lamar is also a weapon for us, who can play quarterback. And we're going to play Lamar at quarterback ... So we're going to play all of our good players. I don't see why we wouldn't. You've got this first."

Harbaugh reiterated to Kryk that Jackson, the 32nd overall pick of the draft, "may be out there with [starting quarterback] Joe [Flacco]," saying: "Situationally, whatever we can figure out. We're still figuring that out. I don't know how exactly, yet. So one way or another, [Jackson's] going to be out there, taking snaps. He's doing a lot of things."

Jackson has flashed juicy, rare athleticism all offseason, leading offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to announce this week: "He's way ahead of the curve. This guy is a hard, hard worker, a tough-minded guy."

Still, this remains Flacco's job barring injury. The veteran is healthy after last year's back troubles and, to the naked eye, a refreshed signal-caller:

Has Jackson's presence had a positive effect on Flacco? "It's the pushing in that it's his] presence," NFL Network's Mike Garafolo said during Tuesday's edition of *Inside [Training Camp Live*. "He's here ... the future potentially is here."

Still, the rookie remains a work in progress, with Garafolo noting "[Tuesday] was particularly a rough day for Jackson."

"On the first play of team drills, he was intercepted. Marlon Humphrey picked off the ball that was heading toward the ground and nowhere near a wide receiver," Garafolo said. "Then, he underthrew a receiver on a wheel route shortly after that. And then all of the sudden he'll just drop a beautiful ball 40 yards up the sideline into the receiver's hands. But that ball is still coming out a little wobbly. It's got to be a little bit tighter. They're working with him on his mechanics, but I do not see a consistent, solid ball from Lamar Jackson."

Harbaugh said Jackson was "doing well once he gets it, but it's all new for him because he didn't call plays [in college]."

Still, the Ravens are obviously aglow with Jackson's physical gifts. They've unfurled plays during camp that pair Flacco and the rookie together -- and even Jackson with backup Robert Griffin III. Chalk up dual-QB formations as a challenge the team has embraced as a genuine possibility come September.

"I mean, [Jackson] could be quarterback and Joe could be a wide receiver," Harbaugh said. "We'll see how it goes. Throw Joe a fade -- he's tall."

Perhaps recalling Tom Brady's handiwork in February's ill-fated Super Bowl, Harbaugh quickly added: "I'm just kidding."

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