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John Elway, Stephen Jones wary of replay changes

In the aftermath of the No-Call in New Orleans, at least one competition committee member has called for expanded replay on judgment calls.

Saints coach Sean Payton told reporters immediately after his team was eliminated from the postseason, "We all want to get it right, right? ... We've got plenty of technology to speed things up, and look, I'm on the competition committee so hopefully that provides a voice."

Payton's voice will be heard when the competition committee convenes at the Annual League Meeting in March, but it might not be echoed.

On Tuesday, Broncos general manager and fellow competition committee member John Elway expressed the opposite point of view.

"You can't replay every pass interference," Elway said, per The Athletic's Lindsay Jones. "It won't work."

So did Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones.

"Certainly you don't want to officiate from replay," Jones said, per The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Drew Davison. "I don't think at the end of the day that's good for the game."

One member of the competition committee told NFL Network's Judy Battista on Monday, "That can get way too subjective and open up a can of worms. 'The left tackle was holding' or 'That should have been illegal contact.' I doubt there would be enough support to go that far."

Along with Payton, Elway and Jones, the members of the competition committee are:
»Giants owner John Mara
»Falcons president Rich McKay
»Packers president Mark Murphy
»Ravens ex-general manager Ozzie Newsome
»Steelers coach Mike Tomlin.

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