Joey Bosa's mom: 'I wish we pulled an Eli Manning'

The unfortunate contract standoff between Chargers first-round pick Joey Bosa and the team took a sad turn over the weekend.

A Chargers blog, SD Bolt Report, uncovered a Facebook post made by Bosa's mother, Cheryl, in which she said the following in response to another comment bashing the Chargers and offering support for Bosa: "It bums me out for (Joey) so much. I wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day." Obviously, she is referring to the 2004 draft, when the Manning family brokered Eli's way to the New York Giants after the Chargers selected him with the No. 1 overall pick.

The account and comment was verified by multiple outlets, including the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Why do we say sad? Let us count the ways.

This has obviously been a trying time for the Bosa family and frustration is inevitable. The Chargers are not offering a contract that allows a first-year signing bonus cash payout or one without offset language. They do not do so for any player and are buoyed by the fact that both Ezekiel Elliott (No. 4 pick) and Carson Wentz (No. 2 pick) have offset language.

Bosa's camp has precedent on their side as well, given that before 2016 it was a near-guarantee that a top-five pick could have either the first-year cash payout or no offset language, muddying the waters in what has been one of the more tedious impasses in recent memory.

But now, family members are speaking out. While no one has any reasonable expectation of privacy when posting on the internet, think of how many times we've vented on social media without a second thought. Sometimes, the instantaneous comforting of friends and family can help.

The team did not comment and Bosa himself probably won't be talking anytime soon. The hope is that, in the meantime, a parent can get a pass for something that probably was never meant to become a national news story.

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