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Joe Thomas: We'll eventually be behind Trent Richardson trade

The Cleveland Browns' trade of running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts sent shockwaves through the NFL on Wednesday.

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But one player is taking the news in stride.

All-Pro offensive tackle Joe Thomas, who is in his seventh year with the Browns, reflected on the aftermath of the trade.

"I was surprised, obviously," Thomas said. "We didn't know he was on the trade block. I mean, he was our third overall pick last year. But when you have a change in ownership and new coaches, everything is possible and everybody is on the trade block."

Is team management punting on the season? Thomas is taking a much more optimistic approach, as you might expect.

"They're doing what they believe is best to win for the long term, and a first-round pick next year would be huge," Thomas said. "... I think we're all surprised now, but I think we'll all be behind it eventually."

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