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Joe Thomas lobbies Kirk Cousins to consider Browns

Scheduled to hit the open market next month, free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins is set to become the subject of a massive bidding war for his services.

Browns bookend Joe Thomas wants to put that contest to bed before it starts.

Responding to a Tuesday tweet from Cousins, in which the former Redskins passer said he and his family we're "interested in hearing where the best spot is for us," Thomas made his pitch:

"I hear Cleveland is nice this time of year," wrote the All-Pro tackle, "that is, if you'd like to have a statue someday..."

Thomas went on to tout Cleveland as the perfect landing spot to become an instant hero and, incidentally, very, very rich.

"You could make MORE money and MORE history in Cleveland than anywhere else, by FAR," Thomas wrote. "Don't just go and be another quarterback somewhere else!"

Cleveland leads the league with an outrageous $110 million-plus in cap room, more than enough to make Cousins the highest paid quarterback -- and player -- in NFL history. Signing him would also allow the Browns to use the first- and fourth-overall picks on the best player available.

Cousins, though, possesses a power rare to franchise quarterbacks: choice.

The money will be there from multiple suitors in today's cap-rich NFL. If you're Cousins, a team like the Broncos -- still armed with a star-studded defense -- or the ultra-complete Vikings make for juicy landing spots.

The Cardinals and Jets also make sense, but Thomas has a point about the Browns: Taking over a winless team and guiding them to January play would turn Cousins into a hero of messianic proportions in Cleveland, a city that's seen a thousand faceless quarterbacks author folly and defeat.

It's a job for dreamers, coming after two decades worth of nightmares in Northeast Ohio.

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