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Jimmy Graham will use Pro Bowl to decide on surgery

Jimmy Graham plans to bring back the dunk for Sunday'sPro Bowl, but the fun might end there.

The New Orleans Saints tight end acknowledged this week that he's still debating about offseason surgery on his nagging shoulder.

"It's something we talked about and is something that's still being debated," Graham told The Times-Picayune. "This is kind of a trial to see where I'm at. I've had three weeks off and I've finally had some time to heal. It feels great, and I'm going to continue to do my rehab and get back to 100 percent."

Graham told the newspaper that "as of (Thursday)," he had no plans to undergo surgery, but a potential procedure had been discussed. The playmaking tight end reportedly battled a sprain for much of the year, but refused to clarify his setback, saying: "Even though (coach) Sean (Payton's) not standing here, he's going to call me in about 10 minutes and ask me what I'm talking about."

Graham never missed a game this season, but his 889 yards off 85 grabs marked the lowest yardage total since his rookie campaign in 2010. The injury noticeably limited his production over the second half of the season, leaving Sunday's Pro Bowl as the final test for his banged-up shoulder.

"I'll go back to Miami, I'll be flying quite a bit, twirling in the air a little bit, and doing as much rehab as I can for the next four weeks," Graham said. "This is a big week for me, just seeing where I'm at. I feel good, which is a positive, trying to stay away from getting surgery."

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