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Jim Irsay asked Peyton Manning to retire with Colts

Once he does contemplate retirement, though, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay wants the future Hall of Famer to walk away with the Colts.

"I want him to and I've asked him to," Irsay told Anthony Calhoun of WISH-TV in Indianapolis. "I would love to have him retire as a Colt and how he handles that part of his career."

Irsay conceded that Manning "really has tunnel vision" in his ability to concentrate on enjoying the moment.

In the meantime, Irsay is rooting for a happy ending to his former quarterback's career.

"I told Peyton right after the (AFC Championship Game) everyone here is so excited, and it's so deserving because I don't think anyone is more respected by everyone in the game, meaning you guys in the media to the players on the field he's playing against," Irsay added. "It's just so deserving, it really is."

The novelty of ceremonial one-day contracts has slowly faded as the bar for qualification has been lowered over the years.

It's only natural, though, for Colts fans to hope for Manning to retire in horseshoe blue. Arguably the most legendary athlete in Indiana history, Manning had already garnered consideration as the greatest quarterback of all time before he defected to Denver in 2012.

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