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Jim Harbaugh supporting brother John at Ravens game

PITTSBURGH -- Jim Harbaugh just couldn't stay away from the game.

The former 49ers' head coach and brother of Ravens coach John Harbaugh was spotted on the sideline by NFL Media's Steve Wyche prior to the game.

Wearing his new Michigan gear, Harbaugh told Wyche that John asked him personally to come.

"So I did," he said.

If this is anything more than a brotherly show of support, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, especially for John, throughout the playoffs. Jim is one of the best tactical eyes in the sport and could be an invaluable asset as a hidden consultant during the playoffs. He is also likely itching for a chance to stay involved while his tenure at Michigan gets started.

Just a few weeks ago, he was viewed as one of the NFL's best head coaches, after all.

We often hear about coaches leaning on consultants that are a step removed from the team, or even the NFL. Both of the Harbaugh brothers have been known to send game tape to their father, Jack.

Now, John could be landing the expertise of a fantastic play caller. That, or just a little show of support from a family member.

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