Jets owner: No new progress with Ryan Fitzpatrick

When trying to discern news in the Jets' foggy negotiation with Ryan Fitzpatrick, find guidance through the prophet Keanu.

The spoon represents tangible movement in talks between the Jets and their prodigal passer. Any progress or setback in the negotiation between the two sides exists solely in the mind.

Woody Johnson gets it. On Tuesday, the Jets owner was asked for an update on the stalemate during a charity appearance.

"No news. Until both sides come together, there's no deal."

There is no spoon.

Meanwhile, Joe Namath, the last (and yes, only) quarterback to guide the Jets to a Super Bowl, has waded into the muddy waters on those two replacement knees. Be safe, Broadway.

"A quarterback wants to have a good team and the Jets have a good team, so I think it behooves (Fitzpatrick) to re-sign with the Jets," Namath said at the same charity event, per Newsday. "Fitz fits in here, and the team likes him. I would hope he'd be back. I know the team wants him back."

This Fitz-Jets drama is making the Darrelle Revis-Jets stare downs of '10 and '13 feel like a walk in Florham Park in retrospect. With Revis, there were layers to the disconnect and you could understand the impasse on both sides. But everybody knows what should happen with the Jets and Fitzpatrick.

The Jets need Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick needs the Jets. Here's a solution that doesn't require a trip through the matrix (or the GenoCoaster): Take the team's offer and the player's demand and settle on the number in the middle. I'll take my 10 percent if this works.

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