Jets owner doesn't dismiss idea of chasing Peyton Manning

Another day, another report on what might or might not be in Peyton Manning's future.

Leading up to actor Rob Lowe's stunning Tweet that Manning won't return to the NFL, the Indianapolis Coltshad been tight-lipped about the four-time NFL MVP's chances of returning to football, as well as his future with the franchise.

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Enter the New York Jets, believed by many to be a logical destination for the quarterback, although NFL Network's Michael Lombardi has reported Manning will remain with the Colts.

Jets owner Woody Johnson, meanwhile, did nothing to quell the ongoing rumors Thursday when he wouldn't dismiss the idea of pursuing Manning if the quarterback did indeed become available during the offseason.

Johnson told local beat writers the Jets would "look at everything," according to The Star-Ledger.

"I'm not going to ever tell what we may or may not do," he added.

During the same 30-minute session with reporters, however, Johnson also said incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez would be the Jets' starter next season. But when first asked if Sanchez was the team's future at quarterback, Johnson wouldn't answer directly, saying only he has "a lot of confidence in Mark Sanchez."

Johnson then committed to Sanchez as the starter, adding: "We think he's our guy."

No matter what Johnson commits to, it all adds up to a very uncertain future for Manning. When and if he's medically cleared to play, questions persist if it will happen in Indianapolis. Complicating Manning's future with the Colts is the fact he's due a $28 million option bonus in March and the team owns the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

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