Jets DC: It's a challenge utilizing talented D-Line group

While training camp is a few months away, the speculation over how the Jets will utilize four very talented defensive linemen in a three-man front won't go away.

This is especially true if new general manager Mike Maccagnan ends up getting a deal done with quite possibly the most talented of the group, Muhammad Wilkerson.

On Thursday, the teams defensive coordinator, Kacy Rodgers, was asked that question.

"It definitely gives us an advantage, from our opponent not necessarily knowing what to prepare for, because we've got a lot of talented guys and we want to get them all on the field," Rodgers told The Star-Ledger. "So that will be our challenge."

He added: "We're just going to wait until we get everybody in and kind of see. Coaching gets overrated sometimes. You better have some pretty good players. They [the Jets' front office] has done a really good job of trying to increase our talent on our side of ball, no question."

Overloading a strength has worked before in the NFL, especially for teams that are less-than-comfortable at quarterback. For now, the coaching staff seems more than open to the theory that another team can't win if they aren't able to get a pass off.

Now, the pressure is on to make it work in practice. While Rodgers is likely being coy here, there's no doubt his office is littered with potential fronts that can employ everyone. Coaching gets overrated sometimes, but it's the one thing Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson, Wilkerson and Damon Harrison need to wreak havoc together.

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