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Jets' Cromartie: Getting burned in practice not an issue

One of the main issues football players have with full-access training camps, is that they have to explain "issues" they might have in practice that aren't really issues at all.

Perhaps that is why Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie isn't too keen on explaining why he is getting burned regularly in practice.

"I'm not really worried about anything that's going on right now," he said, via The Daily News. "I'm looking forward to when those lights turn on and you go play football from there."

He added: "This is really not even training camp. I don't know what it is. I'm used to having two-a-days. . . . Two-a-days was fun. It weaned out the guys that (were) not mentally strong."

While Cromartie's practice gaffes are just that for now, his play might be worth keeping an eye on. The lanky cornerback is absolutely crucial to coach Todd Bowles' defense performing at a high level. Darrelle Revis can only cover half a field.

In a lot of ways, it could shed light on a growing vulnerability in a place that was once thought to be the Jets' great strength.

Or, like Cromartie said, it could just be him working on foot placement and Eric Decker not bothering to wait around before the ball comes.

Either way, we should find out pretty quickly.

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