Jets, Bills will get 'Color Rush' do-over in Week 2

Ready or not: "Color Rush" is coming back.

The NFL's four-game uniform experiment will return this season, beginning with the Week 2 Thursday Night Football matchup between the Jets and Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Jets' team site confirmed the plans with a tweet on Friday.

You might recall these two teams serving as ground zero in the great "Color Rush" controversy of 2015. The bright green Jets get-ups and the Bills' vivid red unis proved to be a literal eyesore for the substantial percentage of the population afflicted with red-green color blindness when the two teams met back on Nov. 12.

Amid public uproar, NFL PR man Brian McCarthy released statement the next day, explaining the league's "standard television test did not account for color blindness for fans at home" and that the league would "enhance (their) testing to include a color blindness analysis to better address this issue in the future."

So it's safe to assume the uniforms for one or both teams will have a different look when the Jets and Bills meet in Orchard Park on Sept. 15. We'll leave the final word with Around The NFL boss Gregg Rosenthal, one of the poor souls affected by the "Color Rush" maiden voyage at the Meadowlands last November.

"I can only hope they don't callously forget about the color blind this time around," Rosenthal said in a taut statement. "That was like watching 22 guys play 'tackle the man with the ball.' "

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