Jerry Jones worried about Reggie Bush over Megatron

The last time the Dallas Cowboys faced the Detroit Lions, Jerry Jones watched Calvin Johnson catch two fourth-quarter touchdowns in a rousing comeback, including this Megatron Special.

Still, when asked Friday which of the Lions' offensive playmakers, Johnson or Reggie Bush, worried him more heading into Sunday's tussle, Jones went with the running back.

"Well, I think Bush," Jones told KRLD-FM, per the Dallas Morning News. "When I look at where we seem to have some vulnerability using the passes out of the backfield, I look at what San Diego did, I look at times what Philadelphia did, if they were able to do anything at all, coming out of that backfield. That seems defensively to be a rough area for us."

There is no questioning how Bush's dynamic capability has opened up the Lions' offense this season. His big play potential, coupled with an ability to steal yards between the tackles, has given the Lions an important dimension to their offense.

"We've worked on it a lot this week," Jones said of defending Bush. "Now, Johnson he wins most every match when they compete for the ball, if the ball is up there and he's got a chance to get it, he wins it. he's got the size and got the skill to make it, and again, that's my point. They got a guy who can really, really deliver the ball, so having said that, I think Bush would be the one to leave home if we could get him left home."

Unfortunately for Jones, Bush will be on the field Sunday, even if he did miss practice Friday.

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