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Jerry Jones 'singing in shower' after Romo's return

How happy was Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when he realized Tony Romo was returning to practice this week?

"I found myself singing in the shower a little bit this morning," Jones told 105.3 in Dallas Friday morning.

While that may be true -- and too much information -- Jones has to hope that Romo is the same player he was before the broken collarbone. Throughout his career, Romo has been nothing but a warrior for Jones and has played through some pretty monumental levels of pain. There's no way taking the field this weekend will be entirely comfortable, so the singing may give way to holding one's breath.

Jones has to realize that this is the moment his entire season hinges on. The Cowboys are not statistically out of the playoffs, and thanks to Romo's inspiring Major League-themed Tweets of late, there is a sentiment that they could close the gap in a log-jammed NFC East now that they have most of the pieces of their puzzle back together again.

That remains to be seen. But at least for now, we should let Jones enjoy the moment.

In the same interview, he admitted to being too "cute" at the quarterback spot instead of stacking the depth chart in a way that may have prevented this miniature slide into last place.

Though there are a few teams that have starting-caliber backups, like the Colts, Patriots and Jaguars, it's difficult to foresee a significant injury like this. It's also normal to panic when a backup like Brandon Weeden isn't exactly lighting the world on fire.

But now all of that is behind him and life is good for Jones again. Romo is on the field, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. How long will it last? No one knows.

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