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Jeremy Maclin does not like your fantasy team

Jeremy Maclin is on a warpath, and he's coming for the heads of selfish roto-nerds everywhere.

The morning after he caught another preseason touchdown for the Chiefs, Maclin took to Twitter to take issue with a large sect of football fans: fantasy owners.

"It amazes me how 'Fantasy Football' is the only football that some of you know," Maclin said. "It's sad. News flash for yall (sic): I don't give a damn about ur (sic) "Fantasy" football team. #ChiefsKingdom"

It's not clear what set the Chiefs wide receiver off, but it has ignited fevered responses from fantasy experts and fans from around the world wide web.

After ESPN's Matthew Berry tweeted at Maclin that he shouldn't "insult fans who drive ratings and revenue", Maclin responded, "Football is about what a team achieves. You taking it way too far talking about my salary."

He also retorted with a haymaker of reason, "I'm not insulting anybody who roots for players. I'm frown (sic) upon those who will sacrifice a team victory for a fantasy victory."

As with all Twitter beefs, both parties have a point. Maclin doesn't like how Chiefs fans will be more upset with losing a fantasy matchup because of Maclin's performance than with the Chiefs losing; that's a brand loyalty issue that Kansas City's new acquisition would clearly have trouble with.

On the other hand, Berry, like most fantasy experts around the internet, isn't wrong when he implies that fantasy owners are often some of the most invested in the league and make up a massive percentage of eyeballs on any given Sunday. Not that insulting fantasy owners would deter them to not select Maclin in their draft, especially when he's the only Chiefs wide receiver that actually scores touchdowns.

Thankfully, football fans don't have to choose between rooting exclusively for their favorite team or for individual fantasy players. They can do both, as long as they don't take either too seriously so as to wish ill will against players.

If you want to stick it to Maclin, sign up for fantasy here. If you agree with the Chiefs wideout... well, sign up anyway.

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