Jeff Fisher: 'We're not satisfied' with passing offense

The current version of the St. Louis Rams' offense breaks down as such: 1) Todd Gurley runs; 2) Get Tavon Austin the ball; 3) Deep heave down field from Nick Foles.

Toss those three options into a can, spit one out and you're likely to have the Rams' next offensive play-call.

The issue for St. Louis is that Foles has been woefully inaccurate and has not performed to the expectations they had when giving him a contract extension this offseason.

"Yeah, we're not satisfied," coach Jeff Fisher said of the passing game, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We just need a couple breakout games and we'll get caught up. But we're not satisfied with the first-down production and the third-down efficiency and the points scored."

Foles has not thrown for more than 200 passing yards in a game since Week 1. He's thrown seven touchdowns on 220 passes this season (3.2 percent), sixth-worst percentage in the league. Foles ranks 29th in passer rating (79.7), 28th in third-down passer rating (62.9) and 31st in fourth-quarter passer rating (71.6).

Even his positive plays on deep bombs, like the one to Kenny Britt on Sunday (55 yards), are just chuck-and-pray throws.

Foles admitted his production hasn't been where it needs to be.

"No," he said when asked if he's happy with his play. "I think we always want to improve. We have a long ways to go. ... I'm nowhere near where I want to be and probably never will be. That's how I've been throughout my career.

"Us as an offense, we come out here every day wanting to improve. We've got a lot of young guys right now that are working every day. We're improving. A lot of personalities, so we're just continuing to bond."

Foles faces a Chicago Bears defense this week that currently ranks fifth against the pass, with Vic Fangio's secondary outplaying its talent. Expect a boatload of Todd Gurley as the Rams (4-4) try to keep their playoff hopes afloat.

As for the passing game, Fisher isn't fretting just yet, even if it hasn't been pretty.

"I mean, we're halfway through the season," Fisher said. "It's a new system. (Foles) is eight weeks into it, and we've just gotta keep working at it, which we will."

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