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Jeff Fisher: Anyone questioning effort can 'kiss my a--'

The St. Louis Rams have lost four straight games after a 4-3 start, the latest being a desultory 31-7 loss in Cincinnati on Sunday. Just don't try to tell coach Jeff Fisher that his team isn't trying.

"Anyone implies that it's an effort issue, they can kiss my ass," Fisher said. "There's no effort problems on this team. That's what happens when teams lose four in a row is people say it's effort. Come to practice, watch this team play and ask any other opponent or opposing coach. It's not an effort issue right now.

"It's execution. It's 70 percent offense and 30 percent defense. I'll leave (special) teams out of it. Our teams always play hard."

Coaching is a big part of it too. Fisher has been in St. Louis four seasons and is still chasing his first .500 season because he can't find a way to create a modern NFL offense. The Rams are 31st in points and yards heading into Sunday because they still try to win without throwing the ball. Injuries to Sam Bradford gave the Rams an excuse for the last two seasons, but they don't have that excuse now.

Fisher is right that the Rams play with plenty of effort. They play hard, just not always smart. And they haven't played well on offense since Fisher was hired.

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